Request your FBI Criminal Background Record

Telos ID, as an authorized FBI channeler can obtain expedited FBI background check results by submitting fingerprints directly to the FBI for individuals interested in obtaining copies of their FBI criminal identification records. Individuals must be United States citizens or lawful permanent legal residents in order to request copies of their personal FBI criminal identification records. In accordance with Department of Justice Order 556‑73, Individuals can request copies of their own FBI criminal history records for the following reasons:

  • Personal review
  • To challenge the information on record
  • To satisfy a requirement for adopting a child
  • To satisfy a requirement for immigration
  • To satisfy a requirement to live, work, or travel in a foreign country
  • Other court related matters

Important Information

  • Must be a United States citizen or lawful permanent legal resident
  • An FBI-approved channeler cannot process a request for employment and/or licensing purposes within the United States
  • Fingerprints must be captured by a law enforcement agency or an official FBI-approved channeler
  • Results can ONLY be mailed to the applicant and CANNOT be mailed outside the US

Changing the Game in Background Screening

Here are just a few ways we’re doing it...

  • Of 2,000+ groups offering background checks, we’re one of the elite few firms qualified to exchange information electronically with the FBI.
  • We deliver a broad portfolio of FBI-quality background investigations for employees, contractors and candidates to federal and state governments, as well as commercial enterprises.
  • We use certified secure facilities and many of our staff hold high level federal clearances.


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FBI Fingerprint Channeling

Our premier service is delivering non-criminal fingerprint-based background checking services as an authorized FBI channeler.

We support state and federal governments as well as commercial enterprises with a 100% compliant background checking service that we deliver on a per-transaction basis over the Web. And we have broad experience in rail and air transportation, healthcare, immigration, and lottery systems.

With rigorous performance and security standards, we are one of the few organizations selected by the FBI to provide this service to qualifying organizations.