Protecting your employees and your business just got easier. IDVetting draws on the experience of Telos® ID (Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC), a leading provider of advanced technology solutions that secure the vital assets of the world's most demanding enterprises, to create a leading force in advanced background screening, delivering customers the broadest, most competitive portfolio of service offerings in the industry.

Telos ID is one of the largest identity management system integration providers in the world. Telos ID provides the worldwide Department of Defense (DoD) identity field infrastructure with tested, certified, and supported solutions.  Currently more than 10 million DoD personnel and eligible dependents are enrolled, and each year Telos ID-supported DoD-worldwide applications collect fingerprint biometrics on more that 5 million service members and civilian employees. 

Telos ID provides secure, 24x7 operational environment and customer care center for its fingerprint background checking service. Housed in a DoD-certified secure facility, Telos ID has the breadth and depth to provide customers with the best possible deployment support, security and solutions, and secure information technology infrastructure.

The High Cost of Not Vetting
The costs of hiring an untrustworthy employee is measured in time, money and damage to your company's reputation.