About FBI Fingerprint Checks


Many employers run background screening programs using names and dates of birth as identifiers through the court records as a means of verification. We do that, too. But qualified organizations can now add FBI fingerprint matching to validate true user identity. 

Positive Match

A fingerprint match is the “gold standard” of criminal record checks. It establishes a concrete match between an individual and a record, based on a unique biometric identifier. If the fingerprint matches, you have positively linked the individual with the record.

FBI-maintained Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

The FBI maintains the only comprehensive collection of criminal history for all 50 states, with an automated database (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System - IAFIS), that integrates criminal history records, including arrest information and corresponding disposition information, submitted by Federal, State, local, tribal, and certain foreign criminal justice agencies.  

Outsourcing for Noncriminal Justice Purposes - Channeling

Qualifying organizations can now use FBI channeling through a qualified outsourced service provider to perform an electronic biometric (fingerprint) history check of the IAFIS database, with results back in hours, not days or weeks.  
We have met a rigid set of privacy, security, and audit standards and are allowed to submit fingerprints directly to the FBI for the processing of CHRI inquiries for noncriminal justice purposes.
Faster Results
“Using electronic technology for the FBI fingerprint process, we get results in hours rather than weeks - so we don’t lose candidates the way we used to...”